Why choose our company vs. 100’s of other websites selling HID kits?

We have been in this business for over 10 years and have developed the highest quality product on the market at exceptional value. If your interested in a product that lasts you more than 6 months, doesn’t cause any adverse affects to your vehicle then you need our state of the art PhilipsXenon Kit. We stand behind our product with a solid 2 year warranty. If your product ever fails, we will replace the part at no cost to you. We also offer full technical support 7 days a week by a certified technician.


Do I have to cut any wires? Is this plug and play?

You will not need to cut any wires for the installation. The installation usually takes 30 minutes or less on most vehicles and can be reversed in even less time.


Are these kits Bi-Xenon?

Yes. Vehicles using 9003/9004/9007/9008/H13/H4/ type dual filament bulbs will receive BI-xenon bulbs which have built in motor structure that will move the bulb, creating the same effect as a high beam on the road. Included as well for the Bi-xenon kits are wire relay harness which will power the kit directly from the battery. Again there is no cutting and everything is plug and play on 99% of cars.


I have heard Xenon can burn my wiring or headlights?

This is a misconception due to people calling “higher wattage” halogen bulbs “xenon”. Higher wattage halogen bulbs which claim to be xenon or even HID bulbs can cause these products because they use more power than what your factory wiring was designed for. With our HID kit, you will actually use less power and put less strain on your factory wires. We have never heard anyone damage their headlights or wiring with our HID system.


Do you have a kit for me car?

Yes! We carry HID kits for every car and motorcycle on the market. Simply choose your make/model/year and we will ship you the correct parts for your headlights or fog lights. 


Can I install this myself?

On 99% of vehicles the installation can be done in a very short time. If you can access your headlight bulb and remove it, then you can install this kit! One some vehicles, installation can take no more than 15 minutes.


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