Suzuki Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID
Suzuki Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID

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Designed and manufactured in Germany, our HID conversion kit is superior to any other conversion kit on the market.


Philips Light Source HID system includes:

  • Pair of xenon bulbs designed for your Suzuki
  • Pair of digital ballasts with built in CAN-BUS flickering solver
  • Instructions
  • Screws and any necessary wiring
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full technical support by Suzuki technician

Philips HID Conversion Kits are the best HID kits in the market. Our kits utilize original Philips Xenon Burner from Germany (Philips XENON HID LIGHT SOURCE). Our HID bulbs are the highest quality bulbs in the market.

Philips kits are easy to install and can be done on most vehicles under 30 minutes. No cutting or splicing is required for the installation.

Philips HID kits are not DOT Approved (United States), CE and E-Mark Approved (Europe) and ROHS Approved (United Kingdom).


  • UV cut glass for headlight protection
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Color Temperatures of 4300K or 6000K
  • 3400 Lumens light output
  • 3000 Hours Lifetime
  • No warm-up period for maximum brightness
  • CAN-BUS circuit for flickering and radio interference resolution

Some modern vehicles have computer controlled modules for monitoring the headlight circuit (CAN-BUS). Our Philips conversion kit has special circuitry built in to prevent flickering, dash lights and radio interference issues on 99% of vehicles.

Suzuki vehicles have had their share of exposure in Japanese media. Suzuki is among the top dozen automakers that sell more models than ever, stateside. The Suzuki cars are designed with a combination of a HID kit that is xenon based and have many advantages over the halogens. The Suzuki HID kits are necessary since they contain the xenon gas that have the most powerful beam when it comes to lights they are the best recommended since they last longer and they are brighter than the old halogen bulb that were used before the realization of the xenon bulbs. The Suzuki are made in designs and this works for the xenon lights which are made in different shapes to fit the desired style, the xenon gas can be shaped making it useful not like the old halogen bulbs that came in specific shapes and their filament burn up faster making the car owners driving very difficult. The Suzuki xenon conversion kits lights are 10 times as much brighter than the old halogen bulbs thus making them effective this bulbs have a life of 2,700hrs making it very useful, The Lexus headlights have a very sharp light and they have no chromatic aberration of very less lights that causes a bluish transition from the light to cause a disturbing blue light into the oncoming drivers ahead of you they are brighter than the old halogen bulb that were used before the realization of the xenon bulbs.

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