Replacement Ballasts

Replacement Can-Bus Ballast for HID Kit
Replacement Can-Bus Ballast for HID Kit
  • Model: PH-BLST


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Replacement Can-Bus Ballast for HID kits

  • Designed to work with aftermarket HID conversion kits
  • Digital Circuitry designed in Germany
  • Ultra Long Life 5 Years+
  • Built in Sliding Mounting Bracket
  • 2 Year Warranty

What is Canbus?

Canbus can be considered a system used in modern vehicles to monitor and communicate with the function of various parts on the vehicle. On headlights systems, this canbus system is used to monitor light bulb function. If your light bulb is blown, the computer gets a warning and lets you know by a light or computer error. This ballast is designed to work with these situations and in 95% of the time allow installation without warnings.


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