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D1S D1R Universal Replacement Retro-fit Ballast
D1S D1R Universal Replacement Retro-fit Ballast
  • Model: UNV-D1-BLST


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This is an aftermarket OEM D1 type ballast designed to splice into your factory HID conversion kit with a bad ballast. You must cut wires for this installation.

Include a ballast and a cables for connecto to car.

Input wire = Goes to your vehicles power (Where your original ballast got power, wiring required)

Output wire = Goes to your D1S or D1R bulb (Plug and Play)

Replaces the following part numbers: Various


Known to fit the following vehicles:

Vehicles with D1S or D1R OEM ballasts (2 or 3 wire)

We recommend you check your ballast. If it has 2 or 3 wires for the input power, then this will work. It will not work with HID ballasts with more than 3 wires. The reason is some ballasts do more than just power the light bulb.

Common Questions:

Installation guide Click Here

If my vehicle does not have HID from the factory (Xenon), will this fit my vehicle?

No, these ballasts are OEM replacement ballasts for vehicles with HID lighting from the factory. On some models that is an upgrade. If you have the base model with regular halogen bulbs, you can buy an HID kit for a lighting upgrade.

How do I know if my original ballast is bad?

Sometimes it's difficult to know if you have a bad bulb or a bad ballast. The best way is to swap parts from the working side. Example, move your bulb from your working side to the side not working, if that side still does not work, most likely you have a bad ballast. Another way is to move the bulb from the non-working side to the working side and see the result.

What is the warranty?

If installed by an automotive professional, we warranty the product for 1-Year from the purchase date. Customer is responsible for shipping.

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