Fiat Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID
Fiat Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID

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Designed and manufactured in Germany, our HID conversion kit is superior to any other conversion kit on the market.


Philips Light Source HID system includes:

  • Pair of xenon bulbs designed for your Fiat
  • Pair of digital ballasts with built in CAN-BUS flickering solver
  • Instructions
  • Screws and any necessary wiring
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full technical support

Philips HID Conversion Kits are the best HID kits in the market. Our kits utilize original Philips Xenon Burner from Germany (Philips XENON HID LIGHT SOURCE). Our HID bulbs are the highest quality bulbs in the market.

Philips kits are easy to install and can be done on most vehicles under 30 minutes. No cutting or splicing is required for the installation.

Philips HID kits are not DOT Approved (United States), CE and E-Mark Approved (Europe) and ROHS Approved (United Kingdom).


  • UV cut glass for headlight protection
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Color Temperatures of 4300K or 6000K
  • 3400 Lumens light output
  • 3000 Hours Lifetime
  • No warm-up period for maximum brightness
  • CAN-BUS circuit for flickering and radio interference resolution

Some modern vehicles have computer controlled modules for monitoring the headlight circuit (CAN-BUS). Our Philips conversion kit has special circuitry built in to prevent flickering, dash lights and radio interference issues on 99% of vehicles.

Make your car with the different look with more effectively lights you don’t have to waste your time and waste our money with trying to setup or installing expensive lights you can find in our sites the best and the greatest lights quality and with the cheapest price you just need one step which is taking the decision and take the chance and go to our sites and get what you need with the best quality with HID bulbs which is designed specially for you and its totally helpful for you it makes you avoid the accident over the off road . Make your Fiat a more attractive vehicle and provide your fiat with the latest versions of lights it gives your motorcycle most possible lighting The Fiat factory rider was faster than any factories design on the day, Fiat “It’s one of my favorite rides in the world Yamaha should be fiat kit should be the first upgrade to install on your car. The extra lighting will be come in very handy on the road, track, or off road. Fiat is considered one of the most diverse companies. They produce everything from Crotch rockets, sport bikes, boats, and so on. With the American public always on the lookout for some new adventure, Fiat provides them with the right tool to do it in. But one of the most popular products is the Fiat cars, producing cars with great light output and great attractive look. Install Light, powerful and bristling with knowledge gained from years of expert 6000K has an approximately 2800lm output, which is 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light (6000K HID Kits are some of the most popular on the market because they provide a balance of light output and color most find desirable) 8000K HID kit has an approximately 2550lm output, which is about 3x the light output of the traditional halogen light and slightly less light output compared to the 6000K. While it has a bit lesser light output, it emits bluer bright light than the 6000K installing this bulbs doesn’t take so much time Fiat’s lights bulbs the best light on the road now you can install it within minutes needs just to take decision to get more clear vision more light on the road than traditional halogen headlights! Kit includes 2 bulbs, your low and high beam. This Kit is manufactured under strict quality control

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