Bentley Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID
Bentley Xenon Lights Kit by Philips HID

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Designed and manufactured in Germany, our HID conversion kit is superior to any other conversion kit on the market.


Philips Light Source HID system includes:

  • Pair of xenon bulbs designed for your Bentley
  • Pair of digital ballasts with built in CAN-BUS flickering solver
  • Instructions
  • Screws and any necessary wiring
  • 2 year warranty
  • Full technical support by Bentley Technician 

Philips HID Conversion Kits are the best HID kits in the market. Our kits utilize original Philips Xenon Burner from Germany (Philips XENON HID LIGHT SOURCE). Our HID bulbs are the highest quality bulbs in the market.

Philips kits are easy to install and can be done on most vehicles under 30 minutes. No cutting or splicing is required for the installation.

Philips HID kits are not DOT Approved (United States), CE and E-Mark Approved (Europe) and ROHS Approved (United Kingdom).


  • UV cut glass for headlight protection
  • Water and vibration resistant
  • Color Temperatures of 4300K or 6000K
  • 3400 Lumens light output
  • 3000 Hours Lifetime
  • No warm-up period for maximum brightness
  • CAN-BUS circuit for flickering and radio interference resolution

Some modern vehicles have computer controlled modules for monitoring the headlight circuit (CAN-BUS). Our Philips conversion kit has special circuitry built in to prevent flickering, dash lights and radio interference issues on 99% of vehicles.

There is no vehicle or any ride doesn’t have head, tail and break bulb light and you need to choose carefully what type you use and ask yourself is this bulb the one I need? Before going on a road trip you should know that during the trip you might face many problems. First of all check the condition of your car and be on knowledge that one of important things that you require during the trip is Emergency light bulb Because if you made this trip at the night and you are in the middle of road then there is nothing you can do it about you broken bulb our site also offers other features in each of your Bentley bulb lights Upgrading your Bentley bulb and the most interesting aspect of bulbs that some of these alternative bulbs are available in long life versions which are designed for the use harsh such as can be experienced on car There are several Bentley tail light and brake light bulb types which are interchangeable. Some of cars take 20Watt bulb for the break and 5Watt for taillight combination if you use a good bulb with the same energy flow you will get with these bulbs better Note that these are bulbs that have a low/high filament one filament is On with the light all the time as the running light, and the other filament comes on as the brake light. The difference in watts between the low bulb and the break light power this is important because a greater difference between the running light and the brake light to following vehicles will help increase their awareness that you are coming to a stop. For example if a vehicle running light is 20 watts, and the break light is 25 watts, the difference would be so minimal that following drivers might not notice when the brake lights turn on In my opinion is that you should find a lighting bulb that is the compromise between different things which is greatest difference between the running light and the brake light, long-lived bulbs and brightness You can find out what exactly you need in our website just get the decision and go. I need to mention to drivers for something which is Warning: Using the right Bentley bulbs can help you avoid accidents and dangerous driving with blind ride I want to talk about bulbs benefits.

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